Mega Summer Haul

With summer in its peak, so is my shopping lust. I know here in Indonesia it's summer practically all year round, but I do feel the heat escalating really fast lately.

Aside from the heat, I've been doing nothing aside from gaming and taking my driving lessons. I feel I gained a few pounds as well... NNNOOOOOOOOOOO Meh. Well, with boredom piling up, I seek solace in shopping. For makeup specifically.

As you can see above, there aren't really any drugstore stuff except for one Maybelline and one NYX, which, in Jakarta, isn't drugstore anymore 'cuz prices are doubled!! Crazy right?

The stuff here I didn't buy all at once of course, otherwise I'd be seeking a deathwish from my dad :P WHAT THE F*CK IS WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD BILL lol.

I bought:
1. Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher in 01 Peach Pink
2. Lioele Air Chiffon Shadow in 05 Bronze
3. L'oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick in Miss Strawberry (Miss Candy Collection)
4. L'oreal Color Riche Nutri Shine Lipstick in Miss Marshmallow (Miss Candy Collection)
5. Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in 15
6. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB in 01
7. Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 30E Pearly Pink Beige
8. NYX Retractable Eye Pencil in Silky Cashmere
9. Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 0L
10. Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP in Black
11. Maybelline MasterLiner in Black
12. OPI Nail Lacquer in Barre My Soul (New York Ballet Collection)
13. Lioele Hair Pad

Daaangg that was a long list... I don't remember all the prices but I will include them once I make separate reviews of each, which I intend to do anyway :D

Most of these stuff I've used and tried so I'll write about it soon :D and probably an updated everyday makeup bag too! ...Once I decide what to bring on a daily basis to college lol.

Love from my iPhone,




...from my loooong blog-hibernation. I apologize for disappearing so suddenly for over a year. I was really busy in my last year of high school, but now that I have graduated, that's not an excuse problem anymore :D I'm starting to gain back my interest in blog writing so that I shall do!

Just a quickie update on my life, I guess. As I said, I have already graduated high school and am currently in my loooongg (ridiculously long, I'd say) holiday before college starts. Yes, I am continuing my studies in Binus International University in Jakarta majoring in Graphic Design, of course! I'm still with that special someone I've been with for over 2 years now :3

I've gained a ridiculously obsessive interest towards beauty and makeup in general. I'm still into fashion, of course, but beauty's been my thing for the past year up 'till now. I've been getting more and more stuff into my makeup collection and I must say, even my makeup bag's contents are pretty impressive! I might show them sometime soon... Haulin' like crazy too. This isn't healthy...

Christmas last year I got my PS3, which, of course, ruined my life entirely and let out my inner geek. I've been playing Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, and most recently, Batman: Arkham City. God. This is really my thing. I love games. GO INNER GEEK!!

As for my inner goddess, I have also started reading Fifty Shades of Grey and am up to the 3rd book of the trilogy already XD I can't believe I'm seriously reading this 'cuz it does have an awful lot of sex in it, but hey, guilty pleasure?

I also recently started using the iPhone so more often than not, I'll post from there. It's just a lot faster and easier since I take pictures with it too. Quickie posts are a breeze on the iPhone :D I'll still have to learn how to post beautifully and also make inspos hopefully as nice as the ones I make on Photoshop. Or at least close. Or... Err... Presentable at the very least. I'm so anal about ugly editing... (Vocabulary used NOT influenced by Fifty Shades!)

Well, I guess that's been a bit long for a quickie update, but I'M ALIVE! --and here to stay! :D


Blurt: Ants + Inspos + Corals

Happy Easter!

Great easter holiday its been for me. It should've been a holiday for the whole week (since the 12th graders are doing their national exams) but my school is just being a b*tch and asked us to come in anyway -__- Meh. So yeah, got a 3-day holiday.

During the holidays, the weirdest thing just happened. So I recently bought Colgate Total just coz I was running low on my regular toothpaste and brushed as usual. The next morning, I saw a whole swarm of ants on my washbowl. SO WEIRD! Like, why would ants be on a washbowl right? Then I saw where the swarm was most "crowded", and I saw like a thin strip of leftover toothpaste I had dropped when I wet my toothbrush before actually using it after putting toothpaste on. Then after, I came to a conclusion; Colgate Total attracts ants. -__- Which means, its sweet. So um... Sweet minty toothpaste :D thats pretty contradictory isn't it.

I don't really do work on my long holidays so I prefer browsing the net and looking for inspirations and stuff and came across a post from Sushi-Cat's Jenny (I LOVE HER!) with snippets and inspos from a particular Japanese magazine, and I thought, "yeah, I should do this too!" I've got quite a lot from recent collections and magazines so I'll just post my favorite 6 on top and the rest after the jump :D

Although all these are pretty, the one on the left was the one that caught my eye.


Moighty Noice

So I was looking around at Vimeo (the more artsy, HDed version of YouTube) the other day and came across this short ad for Dominos Pizza:

After I saw that, it completely blew me away. Artistically, its so cool! Something you can definitely watch over and over again. Me being an aspiring designer myself, I know how hard it is to come up with an idea, AND THIS IS JUST BRILLIANT! This is made by a Sydney-based animation studio called Mighty Nice. Their videos sure are mighty nice LOL. So yeah, I'm not gonna blab about on them cuz that's for you to find out yourself (gives them more credit too), buuutt I am gonna post my favorites. If you wanna read more about them, click [here], or visit their vimeo channel [here].

Below are some of my favorite videos. Don't worry if your internet is slow or anything. None of these are above 10min in duration. Some are even just below 1 minute! So go on! BUFFERRRRRRRRR AWAAAAAAYYY!!!



One's Company, Two's a Crowd and Three's a Party

WOW HAHA! Now this, my friend, is something worth celebrating. YYEAAA--... err, yeah. Okay. I may have eaten a little too much sugar. OH! But I'm cutting my sugar intake though ;) It's not a sin to spoil yourself every once in a while yknoowww. I have this love/hate relationship with sugars; I absolutely love anything sweet (if you dont, GET YOURSELF A FREAKIN MARS BAR AND A MACAROON AND SHOVE IT IN YOUR MOUTH! Now watcha gonn saay bit--okay...)

So yeah, I've been browsing and looking at online shops, namely Free People and Pixie Market. FREE PEOPLE SHIPS TO INDONESIA NOW!! HAHAA~ THE BLISS. They also have free shipping for new "friends" (I have no idea when you're counted as friends by the "free peoples"). We all know and hate shipping costs that doubles or even triples the original price of the item you bought. Plus, the prices in Free People and Pixie Market aren't really the once you can easily just say "okay" to. MEH. The clothes are awesome nonetheless, so here are the things I want want want!
Stripe Cotton Dress
Mini For Many $111

Sunstreak Bubble Cami
Free People Rp. 680,628

8-ball V Neck Tee
Stussy $25
Painted Line Crop Top
Something Else By Natalie Wood $63

Love Bones Oversized Hoodie (Neon Orange)
Wildfox Couture $99

New Romantics Harvest Moon Tank
Free People Rp. 855,148

Mickey Tissue Jersey Dress
Dolce Vita $113

Leopard and Coral Sandals
Matiko $123

Jianna Espadrille
Dolce Vita Rp. 1,465,968

Dusty Pink Silk Dress
6 Shore Road $109

FP-1 Sunburst Maxi Dress
Free People Rp. 942,408

Gray Spencer Tank
Unbranded $128

Hello Gorgeous One Shoulder
Free People Rp. 680,628

Ivory Crochet Back Shirt
House of Balfour $88

Coral Blazer
Unbranded $144

Cocoon Cardigan
House of Balfour $76

Bel Air High Baggy Beach Jumper
Wildfox Couture $89
I know some of these are really basic stuff but I'm kinda into that right now; basics worn together to create a "done" look.

I'll probably have to look for lookalikes. The price tag is just crazy expensive! :(


Sasha Pivovarova by Olaf Wipperf├╝rth

Sure Korea March 2011.

Just HAD to post this! Beautiful!

More below the cut (WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY)


Update: New Desktop!

I've been sooo behind on things lately. There's been a lot going on with school starting again and stuff. Although, that isn't a good excuse isn't it? School just started yesterday. MMMHH well, the "real" reason is probably cause I just don't have anything to write about. Nothing new I guess... Oh! and I've been caught up in sooo many games. Those close to me might know I'm a total game freak.

OH! OH! But I have been busy! I've started my internship (another reason to dress up) at First Media Design School a couple whiles ago and I'm really getting hands-on experience designing! HAHA! I've actually created my first vector illustration (although resources were used, so it wasn't purely mine). I'm not gonna post it here since it's not for public display CONFIDENTIAL! SHHH!! heheh sooo yeah. Oh and just a little update, me and my friends are planning to go to bali this school holiday :D It's pretty hard since it's in the high season and everything just gets a surcharge GRRRRR!! 

Okay so that was just a quick update on anything moi. I've actually found out something new to do with my mac from my friend called GeekTool. It's this sorta System Preferences Module or plug-in thing idk. BUT it allowed me to do THIS:

The one on the far right is where the GeekTool did it's magic.

That's actually the exact date and time as I'm writing this! So that's cool. I used the tutorial and formatting (although I made a few tweaks) from I Am Awesome. His (or her?) tutorial and desktop sample can be found here. Very useful, very easy to follow, and once you get the hang of it, you can develop your own! Here are some other examples of great desktops made with GeekTool. OH! almost forgot. GeekTool can be downloaded here for free!

Just incase you were wondering:
Icons from:   Pixelgirl Presents
              Raindrop Memory
Wallpaper by: Olivia Bell
All credits goes to their rightful owners.
I do not claim these to be mine whatsoever.